Minde Herbert, the owner of Sea Island Organics, stands in her kitchen holding her elderberry teas.

Did you take your elderberry today?™

People look to elderberry products for their well-known and evidence-based health benefits, however, almost all elderberry specialty products are classified as dietary supplements, not food, and are mass-produced with not-so-healthy or fresh ingredients. As a culinary educator, nutritionist, and mom of twins, it became my passion to create wholesome, nutritious elderberry food products that not only taste great but also provide healthy results that come from eating good food.

My freshly made, small-batch elderberry products are crafted with care in Charleston, SC with the best mix of simple, clean, and raw ingredients. The result is delicious, beneficial syrups, herbal tea blends, mulling spices and craft-it-yourself elderberry syrup kits that are unlike other brands. My unique elderberry products were the first in South Carolina to be classified as food and earn the Certified SC Product brand from the SC Department of Agriculture. You will see a Nutrition Fact Panel on my labels, not a supplement list.

We are passionate about creating a trusted, beneficial product that’s a perfect addition to your family’s healthy lifestyle. Enjoy daily, stay well!

The Elderberry Lady

We Always

  • Use premium, fresh ingredients for optimum potency and flavor.
  • Maintain strict food safety protocols mandated by DHEC and ServSafe®—our kitchen always has an "A" rating.
  • Take pride in creating a stellar product that's delicious, clean, and effective.
  • Craft by hand in small batches with care in Charleston, SC.

Food Safety is Our #1 Priority

We utilize the highest food handling safety and kitchen cleanliness protocols mandated by the state - our kitchen always earns an "A" rating. Our process has a coveted Registration Verification Certificate (RVC) from the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, a unique distinction for elderberry syrup. We're ServSafe® certified, a program accredited by U.S. Restaurant Association, ANSI, and the Conference for Food Protection. We are a "Certified SC Product", the only elderberry syrup to hold this designation in the Lowcountry, and the first in the state of South Carolina.



We ship our delicious syrup nationwide twice a week on Monday and Tuesday. All other products ship Monday-Friday. Tracking information will be e-mailed to you upon receipt of payment. Please refrigerate syrup immediately upon arrival. We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99. (in the United States). 

Return/Refund Policy

If any items are damaged in transport, please send a photo of what you received. We will replace any items damaged in transit free of charge. To process any refund/replacements, orders must be marked as delivered. (We cannot process refunds or replacements for orders still in transit). Unsatisfied with a product? Please email us athello@seaislandorganics.comand we'll make it right!

What is the suggested serving for Sea Island Organics elderberry syrup?

Some people ask use what "dose" they should take. We don’t talk “doses”, we talk “servings”! After all, it's a beneficial FOOD -- not a drug or supplement. Our syrup is delicious and effective on its own or you can splash into your favorite drinks or smoothies. Serving frequency may be increased to every 3 hours if desired. -1-12 Years of Age: 1 Teaspoon -Adults: 1 Tablespoon

If you'd like to be in control of how sweet (or not) you want your elderberry syrup, try our Craft-it-Yourself Elderberry Syrup Kit and handcraft it to your liking with your sweeter of choice. We like raw and local honey but you can also try agave syrup, maple syrup, date sugar, Erythritol or Stevia.

What is the shelf life of Sea Island Organics elderberry syrup?

When stored properly in the refrigerator, our elderberry syrup will last at least 90-120 days. Taken daily, you’ll consume it long before it expires! Look for the “Best By” date on the bottom of each delicious bottle to ensure maximum freshness and potency. (Pro tip: Make sure you place the syrup on a fridge shelf, not the door. The inside door of your fridge is typically the warmest area that is fine for condiments, but not so great for freshly-made, preservative-free elderberry syrup!)

Does Sea Island Organics elderberry syrup need to be refrigerated?

Yes, please! Please keep refrigerated! Our syrup needs to stay chilled since it’s freshly made in small batches and doesn’t contain any preservatives. Fresh is best! Shipped syrups are packed in chill-packs to ensure freshness upon arrival on your doorstep. Please unpack and pop in your fridge ASAP!

How is Sea Island Organics' elderberry syrup different from other elderberry syrup brands?

Our reimagined elderberry syrup is a product you’ll look forward to taking every day.

  • Our unique double-filter process ensures an extra-smooth consistency, never heavy or grainy like other brands.
  • Every batch is freshly-made every week to ensure maximum potency and deliciousness. You choose fresh veggies – your syrup should be fresh too.
  • We are small batch makers – no mass production for us.
  • No artificial anything. Ever. (No dyes, flavors, refined sugars or additives.)
  • Our syrup is a FOOD. Our clean and bright-tasting recipe is considered a FOOD by the SCDA, not a drug or supplement. “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates

What’s in Sea Island Organics' elderberry syrup?

We only use the best mix of SIX premium organic ingredients: organic elderberries, raw and local honey, organic and fresh ginger root, organic lemon juice, organic cinnamon, organic whole cloves plus Oconee Valley Artesian Water. We support local and regional purveyors when possible. Additionally, we take great care in creating every small batch. Other brands’ shelf-stable syrup is achieved by “hot-filling” – a process that super-heats ingredients and degrades nutritional value. Our proprietary recipe calls for adding our premium ingredients at just the right time and temperature to maximize potency, effectiveness, flavor, and consistency.

What does Sea Island Organics' elderberry syrup taste like?

Our clients tell us our handcrafted syrup tastes like “comfort”, and “health”. We love that! Not too tart, not too sweet - our unique syrup is clean and bright-tasting, never heavy or grainy. Each of the six clean ingredients was chosen specifically for its health benefits and to create a nutrient-rich blend that you’ll look forward to taking daily.

How often should I take Sea Island Organics elderberry syrup?

Most take our elderberry syrup daily; some take it during times of seasonal changes. It’s up to you! Enjoy a shot with your breakfast, splash some into your smoothie at lunch, or add a touch to your nighttime drink. There’s no wrong way to take elderberry syrup. Have fun, mix it up, and enjoy!

I lost the instructions for the Craft-it-Yourself Elderberry Syrup Kit. How do I make it?

Here's what you do:

SIMMER elderberry and spice-filled steeping bag with cinnamon stick in 2 cups of water for 30 minutes in a covered pot. Let cool to the touch.

SQUEEZE all the liquid from the steeping bag and discard with cinnamon stick.

SWEETEN with your choice of sweetener. (We prefer raw honey.) Whisk in 1/4 cup and add more until it's sweetened to your liking.

STORE in an air-tight glass jar or bottle for 3-4 months.

SAVOR... enjoy daily!

If you have an on-going health issue and/or have concerns about whether you should consume elderberry products, please contact your physician or healthcare professional.